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We expect a $1220 movement on EURUSD within the next 4 hours.

Based on the last 12 Inflation Rate YoY events in United States, EURUSD may trend upwards for the next 4 hours. Based on these past events there is a 71.43% chance of this. This may happen because the released value is < 3.3% Historical events that allowed us to draw this conclusion

12 Jul 12:30
10 May 12:30
12 Apr 12:30
13 Dec 13:30
10 Nov 13:30

All references to movement sizes are expressed assuming a lot size of 100,000 units (“standard account”).

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D’après les derniers 12 événements Taux D'Inflation (Annuel) en États-Unis, nous prévoyons que EURUSD ira à la hausse tout de suite. Basé sur ces derniers événements. Cela arrivera avec une probabilité de 71,43%.

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Basándonos en los últimos eventos de Tasa De Inflación (Anual) en Estados Unidos, hay un 71,43% de probabilidades de que el USDCHF adopte una tendencia descendente

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