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There is a 80% chance of AUDUSD trending downwards

Based on the last 12 Retail Sales MoM events in United States, we expect AUDUSD to trend downwards later today. Based on these past events there is a 80% chance of this. This may happen if the released value is > 0.2%

Historical events that allowed us to draw this conclusion

15 Aug 12:30
15 Feb 13:30
16 Nov 13:30
15 Sep 12:30

All references to movement sizes are expressed assuming a lot size of 100,000 units (“standard account”).

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Esperamos que el USDJPY adopte una tendencia descendente a última hora de hoy. Basándonos en los últimos eventos de Ventas Al Por Menor – Variación Mensual en Estados Unidos, hay un 80% de probabilidad de que todo ello suceda.

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