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Soybean Oil MAY 2023 is approaching 54.7700. We expect either a breakout through this line, or a rebound.

Soybean Oil MAY 2023 is heading towards a line of 54.7700. If this movement continues, the price of Soybean Oil MAY 2023 could test 54.7700 within the next 14 hours. But don’t be so quick to trade, it has tested this line numerous times in the past, so this movement could be short-lived and end up rebounding.

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GBP/USD se rapproche rapidement de 1.2335. Nous nous attendons à une rupture ou à un rebond.

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Après avoir subi un mouvement haussier de 2,42% en 23, personne ne sait où va Soybean Meal MAY 2023.

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